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World Heritage in the UK

World Heritage UK (WH:UK)

Bath is a founder member of World Heritage UK, an organisation set up in 2015 to undertake networking, advocacy and promotion of the UK's World Heritage Sites, and UK sites progressing towards World Heritage Site status.  World Heritage UK is the successor of the Local Authority World Heritage Forum (LAWHF), a group for UK local authorities with responsibility for World Heritage Sites, in which Bath played a prominent role.  WH:UK has taken over the important work carried out by LAWHF for 20 years with an extended remit and constitution to include representation from all UK World Heritage Sites. 

World Heritage UK talks to Government about the needs of UK World Heritage Sites, and provides a forum for discussion, information exchange and the sharing of best practice. WH:UK works with a range of national bodies and advisory organisations, including ICOMOSICCROMHistoric EnglandCADW and Historic Scotland.

For further information visit the World Heritage UK website.

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