World Heritage List

The Sites

As of July 2019 there were 1,121 World Heritage Sites. Of these, 869 are cultural sites, 213 are natural sites and 39 are mixed (both cultural and natural) sites. 32 of these are in UK territories. While there are fewer natural sites in comparison to cultural sites, the territory covered by each natural site is, in general, much larger than that of the cultural sites.

As of July 2019, there were 53 sites on the List of World Heritage Sites in Danger. One of these is in the UK (Liverpool - Maritime Mercantile City). The List includes Sites that are in danger from natural threats (including erosion and natural disaster) and man-made threats (such as war, political change or poor management). The List of World Heritage in Danger aims to highlight the threats to these Sites and encourage special action to improve the situation.

193 countries have signed up to the World Heritage Convention. 167 of these countries now have sites on the World Heritage List.

The complete World Heritage List and List of World Heritage in Danger can be viewed on the UNESCO World Heritage Centre's website.  The World Heritage Centre also holds a link to the list of United Kingdom World Heritage Sites.