Roman soldiers marching in front of Royal Crescent on World Heritage Day Roman soldiers marching in front of Royal Crescent on World Heritage Day Show image info

Roman soldiers marching in front of Royal Crescent on World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day

Every April we celebrate international World Heritage Day in Bath.  We celebrate the reasons why the City of Bath is inscribed as a World Heritage Site as well as being part of the wider World Heritage family.

World Heritage: Our Story

To celebrate World Heritage Day 2022, we hosted a day of Zoom presentations to showcase local and UK World Heritage, and to mark the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention. 

The event demonstrated the breadth and variety of our World Heritage Sites, by taking us to five contrasting sites to find out what makes them unique and special.

We started the tour in Bath, with an introduction to Bath's two World Heritage inscriptions - the City of Bath and the Great Spa Towns of Europe. You can find out more with a visit to our brand new World Heritage Centre.  This session included contributions from Alice Le Page, trustee of Cleveland Pools Trust about volunteer achievements at Cleveland Pools, and from Dr Amy Frost about reinterpreting William Beckford and Beckford's Tower.  We're following these Lottery-funded projects with interest and can't wait to bathe in the pools, and experience the new displays and activities planned at the Tower.

Next, we heard from Dr Steven Andrews, who introduced us to the Flow Country in Scotland, and its bid to become the UK's next World Heritage Site. Steven enthused us all about the benefits of protecting and celebrating this beautiful and unique landscape, and its crucial role in the Climate Emergency.

Over lunch we travelled over to the Slate Landscape of Northwest Wales, for more stunning mountain scenery and a story of industry and communities from Louise Barker.  The Slate Landscape is the UK’s newest World Heritage Site, inscribed in 2021. We congratulated them on this success and loved hearing more about the area.

From Wales we hopped across the border to a very different, and much more modern World Heritage Site.  Professor Teresa Anderson took us through the history and future developments at Jodrell Bank Observatory.  This working site has a unique place in space research, past and present.  Opening in June, the First Light Pavilion will inspire audiences, young and old.  The innovative structure of this new centre looks stunning. We can't wait to visit!

We ended our day in the sunshine in Bermuda at the Historic Town of St George and Fortifications where Dr Charlotte Andrews took us on a tour of the sites and talked about ensuring the ongoing relevance of the heritage, and addressing a colonial past.

The World Heritage Sites we featured are unique and varied, but common themes came through from our speakers about the initiatives they described - the importance of collaboration, of sharing our stories through diverse voices, of fostering local pride, and of protecting our special, living places for current and future generations. 

If you were not able to join us on the day, recordings can be found on this YouTube link.  You can move between the presentations using the chapter settings in the text shown below the video screen.  The start times of each talk are in the programme below.


00:00:00 Introduction to the City of Bath and Great Spa Towns of Europe - Tony Crouch

00:11:21 Volunteering achievements at Cleveland Pools - Alice Le Page

00:27:26 Re-interpretation of Beckford’s Tower - Dr Amy Frost

00:59:27 Introduction to the Flow Country - Dr Steven Andrews

01:43:44 Introduction to the Slate Landscape of Northwest Wales – Louise Barker

02:29:00 Introduction to Jodrell Bank Observatory – Professor Teresa Anderson

03:12:00 Introduction to Historic Town of St George and Fortifications, Bermuda – Dr Charlotte Andrews


You can revisit some happy memories of how Bath celebrated World Heritage Day from 2014 to 2019.

In 2020 and 2021 we headed online for World Heritage Day.  To introduce you to Bath's World Heritage we created some fun digital jigsaws.