Image: view of newly restored incised street name on wall of Spencers Belle Vue Image: view of newly restored incised street name on wall of Spencers Belle Vue Show image info

View of newly restored incised street name on wall of Spencers Belle Vue


Enhancement Fund projects

Bath's World Heritage Enhancement Fund has undertaken over fifty projects city-wide, often in partnership with other organisations. These projects, designed to 'enhance the World Heritage Site', have been concerned with restoration, conservation, education and interpretation.

Example projects

In an ongoing programme, historic incised and painted street signs are being restored on buildings in the city.  Many of these signs, cut into Bath Stone building walls, have faded due to weathering and pollution.  The finished signs are clear to read and have a smarter appearance.  Before and after photographs of the sign at Axford's Buildings are below.  This project is one of many initiated by the Fund that utilises traditional craft skills.  This project won an award at the Georgian Group Architectural Awards in 2019.

Image: weathered street sign for Axford's Buildings prior to restoration Image: clearly visible street sign for Axford's Buildings following restoration

The ancient bank and ditch earthwork known as the Wansdyke runs partly along the southern boundary of the World Heritage Site. There was consensus about the need to interpret and protect the landmark better, as it had suffered from general neglect and the dumping of waste.  Working in partnership with South Stoke Parish Council, local ward councillors and Bath and North East Somerset Council's Heritage Services, interpretation boards were researched, designed and erected to mark the Wansdyke.  

Image: view of the setting of the Wansdyke interpretation panelFuther details of projects undertaken in the last few years are described in the newsletters of the Enhancement Fund.

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